10 Best Electric Meat Slicers We’ve Tested

Best electric meat slicer
Best Electric Meat Slicers

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Meat lovers would agree that cutting the perfect slices can be a bit challenging. Nothing makes the meat dishes look better than uniform slices, and to this end, all you need is the best electric meat slicer. A good meat slicer must be built with a durable stainless steel body and blade. After thorough research and testing of more than twenty reputed brands, we’ve compiled a list of the best meat slicers that’ll satisfy your needs in every aspect.

The Best Electric Meat Slicers At A Glance

ModelBody MaterialSlicer Blade
Chefman Die-cast Electric SlicerStainless SteelStainless Steel
Continental Electric Meat SlicerCast IronStainless Steel
Elite Gourmet Meat SlicerAluminumStainless Steel
KWS MS-10NTStainless steel, Aluminum, RubberTeflon coated Stainless Steel
VEVOR Deli Meat SlicerStainless SteelStainless Steel
Berkel Red Line Food SlicerAluminum AlloyStainless Steel
Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food SlicerSteel and AluminumCoated Stainless Steel
Chef’sChoice 615AStainless Steel and AluminumStainless Steel
MonMart 200W Meat SlicerStainless Steel and AluminumStainless Steel
Berkel Home Meat SlicerAluminum AlloyChromed Stainless Steel

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Slicer

Best meat slicer for jerky and bacon

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Slicer
Chefman Die-Cast Electric Slicer


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 9.46 Pounds
  • Dimensions:14.5X12.5X9 Inches


  • Can easily slice hard meat
  • Removable and retractable serrated blade
  • Firm grip, blade safety guard
  • Adjustable thickness dial for customized slices


  • Somehow tricky to clean

Chefman Die-cast electric slicer features a stainless steel blade to make your job easy while slicing tough meat, ham, deli, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and frozen foods. The machine lets you adjust the thickness of the slices thanks to its provided dial to customize slices according to your needs.

Designed in a compact shape to fit in small cabinets and countertops, this is the perfect size for homes and restaurants. Additionally, sturdy non-slip feet, a food pusher, and a blade safety guard ensure that your food slicer stays in place while operating.

Cleaning its equipments is quite easy thanks to its removable die-cast aluminum housing and serrated stainless blade construction. So, now you can prepare deli sandwiches, beef jerky, charcuterie boards, appetizers, party platters, or more at home without putting much effort.

If you are looking for a good meat slicer that can handle large pieces of soft meat, from hot deer sausages to cold cuts, this Chefman Die-cast Electric Slicer is an ideal choice. Without producing much sound, it can tackle large jobs quite easily.

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Continental Electric Pro Series Meat Slicer

Best meat slicer for home use

Continental Electric Pro Series Meat Slicer
Continental Electric Pro Series Meat Slicer


  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 11 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 1x1x1 Inches


  • Suction cup feet for stability
  • Automatic food-slicing process
  • Adjustable slices thickness
  • Blades can easily be resharpened


  • Noisy while slicing

The Continental Electric Meat Slicer is the best budget electric slicer for home use that provides you with every essential feature you expect from an ideal food slicer. The machine features cast iron metal structure, stainless-steel tray and a safety interlock switch for precise slicing while delivering optimum safety features.

Due to its small size and lightweight construction, you are free to move the Continental Electric Slicer on kitchen countertop. Moreover, the compact size makes it suitable to fit in any kitchen corner. The non-slippery feet hold the slicer safe and sturdy.

A tilted carriage is added to enable fast and easier slicing of beef or deer meat. To cope with different dishes, you can control the thickness of your slices by adjusting the provided thickness adjuster knob. Surprisingly, the cast iron body is durable enough to keep this slicer with you for decades. The 150-watt motor supplies sufficient power to increase the blade speed, saving your time on slicing.

For effective cleaning, the machine comes with a removable serrated stainless-steel blade; twist the corner locking bolt to extract the blade and wash it for excellent results. Undoubtedly, it’s the best small meat slicer suitable for all types of slicing.

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Elite Gourmet Ultimate Precision Meat Slicer

Best meat slicer for frozen meat

Elite Gourmet Ultimate Precision Meat Slicer
Elite Gourmet Ultimate Precision Meat Slicer


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 10.98 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.25×13.75×10.8 Inches


  • Includes a blade guard for easy handling
  • Aluminum construction offers sturdiness
  • Sharp removable stainless steel blade
  • Non-slippery rubber feet for extra security


  • The machine requires extra care during extensive use.

The Elite Gourmet Ultimate Precision is the best electric slicing machine with die-cast aluminum construction and a matt black finish to give a stylish feel. The incorporated blade is sharp and durable thanks to its sturdy stainless steel structure. A thickness knob is also provided on the side to customize the width of bacon slices according to the recipes.

A suction cup on the base and non-slip rubber feet increase the sturdiness and keep it safe and stable while operating.

This Elite Gourmet Ultimate Precision is a reliable and multipurpose slicing machine you can use to get perfect cold cuts of fruits, vegetables, hard cheeses, or slices of bread like a pro thanks to its automatic operation mode, which saves you time for large servings.

This meat slicer is carved using high-end aluminum, is super durable, dent and bend-resistant during any fall, rust-proof, and comparatively easier to clean than cheaper options. This one is perfect for you if you want to hold the best-budget meat slicer.

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KWS MS-10NT Premium

Best easy-to-clean meat slicer

KWS MS-10NT Premium Electric Meat Slicer
KWS MS-10NT Premium Electric Meat Slicer


  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Rubber
  • Weight: 37 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 20.5×18.5×15.3 Inches


  • Waterproof On and Off switch
  • Skid-proof rubber feet
  • Removable product tray assembly
  • Built-in Blade sharpener


  • The weight is quite heavy
  • High price

This KWS MS-10NT is semi-automatic and designed to suit commercial and home needs. The stainless-steel blade is coated with Teflon to provide extra sharpness. The overall body is carved using aluminum alloy, which is durable and less prone to corrosion.

The KWS MS-10NT slicer is excellent for slicing frozen bacon or fish. Equipped with a 321-watt motor, it can turn the cutting process of carpaccio, cheese, or steaks into an effortless job. You can adjust the blade thickness with the help of the adjuster knob by looking at the provided numerical scale. Moreover, the incorporated dual whetstone sharpener is perfect for keeping razor-sharp edges on the blade. It will fix itself firmly on your tabletop.

Overall, This model is approved as the best electric slicer that can withstand high-volume slicing of all veggies, meat, and cheese.

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VEVOR Deli Meat Slicer

Best commercial electric meat slicer for home use

VEVOR Deli Meat Slicer
VEVOR Deli Meat Slicer


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 46.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 19x19x17 Inches


  • Compact design to fit in small space
  • Fixed ring guard for safety from the blade
  • Excellent power output
  • Excellent for commercial use
  • The blade is razor sharp and easy to resharpen


  • Quite tricky to clean
  • Heavy construction

The VEVOR Deli is designed for slicing massive mutton, venison, turkey, ham, cheese, vegetables, bread, and other such food to the desired thickness. The stainless-steel blade cuts sharply without affecting the muscle fiber structure.

This high-quality semi-automatic machine has a unique tilted design for quick slicing. It’s pretty secure and handy due to the built-in skid-proof rubber feet and a waterproof power switch. The 240 Watts motor and 10-inch blade make it perfect for domestic as well as commercial use as the heat output hole is present under the slicer to disperse heat during excessive use.

The incorporated dual whetstones are efficient for sharpening the blade safely and conveniently. This machine comes with a dual handle system; one is moving, and the other one is fixed to do a hard job conveniently.

Lastly, the VEVOR Deli Meat Slicer is easy to maintain and clean as the stainless-steel unit is relatively easy to wipe. Removable components like blades can be washed in the sink with hot and soapy water. This superb quality unit is available at an affordable price.

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Berkel Red Line Food Slicer

Best value slicer to cut food and meat

Berkel Red Line Food Slicer
Berkel Red Line Food Slicer


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 48 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 19x20x15 Inches


  • Sturdy aluminum alloy construction
  • Incorporated blade sharpener
  • Thickness adjustment knob
  • Removeable meat table and blade cover to assist in cleaning


  • Comparatively heavier than other slicers

The Berkel Red Line Food Slicer is both durable and lightweight. This meat slicer is carved using aluminum alloy, which is quite durable and easy to maintain. The precise steel blade cuts evenly and sharply, and the built-in sharpener is efficient in keeping the blade razor sharp. Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect combination of visual charm and impressive commercial performance.

The meat table is removable, but after placing it, it automatically sets itself to safety mode and activates the CE lock, and the machine turns to operate mode. The same is the case with the blade cover; press it gently to place it back to start the cutting process. Besides the ease of use, this model comes with compact desugn to fit in a small kitchen spaces.

You can take out the meat table by simply moving the lever; it offers an innovative way to effective cleaning. In addition, the blade cover is quick and easy to remove; rotate it by 90 degrees and pull it out to perform optimum cleaning. Berkel Red Line Food Slicer is an ideal solution for users who wish to have an excellent slicing machine in their kitchen without compromising professional slicing performances. Indeed, it’s the best commercial meat slicer for home use.

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Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

Best budget meat slicer under $100

Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer
Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer


  • Material: Steel and Aluminum
  • Weight: 11 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.88×18.25×11.13 Inches


  • Premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing
  • Extremely easy to operate and clean
  • Can offer more delicate cuts of any thickness
  • Non-slip feet for stable countertop operation


  • A bit noisy
  • The adjusting knob is quite moving during slicing

The Cuisinart Kitchen Pro food slicer features impeccable design, superior performance, powerful motor, and affordable price tag. It’s utterly efficient in slicing meat, loaves of bread, cheese, vegetables, and other foods. This premium slicer is an excellent addition you can use to adjust the slicing thickness from paper-thin prosciutto to the ideal serving of roast beef.

This Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer is easy to assemble, lightweight, and convenient to operate. It’s efficient in cutting frozen meat, even though you are advised to freeze meat before slicing it in this machine. For higher security, non-slippery feet are provided.

The Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer is perfect for you if you are looking for the best food slicer at an affordable price. The reasonable price range made it an excellent choice for most home users. Additionally, the lightweight construction can help you to carry it anywhere.

As I said, the slicing machines are pretty challenging to clean. Still, the Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer is comparatively easy to clean due to its undulated stainless-steel blade and removable carriage. Interestingly, it performs excellently if you can handle it correctly.

In short, it’s the best meat slicer for frozen meat.

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Chef’sChoice 615A

The most trusted and safe electric meat slicer

Chef’sChoice Electric Meat Slicer
Chef’sChoice 615A


  • Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Weight: 10.61 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.5×10.4×11 Inches


  • Multi-purpose stainless steel blade
  • Tilted food carriage for efficient slicing
  • Special safety button to lock in the blade
  • High torque motor with varying thickness control


  • The suction feet are not so sturdy

The Chef’s Choice Premium Food Slicer is a powerful food slicer for home cooks who love innovative machinery for cost-effective, quick meal preparation. Whether preparing food for family or friends, this best electric meat slicer is perfect for all needs. Most importantly, this slicer lets you slice meat from deli-thin to 4-5 inches thick and hence the best meat slicer for making jerky.

The Chef’s Choice Premium Meat Slicer is one of the decent food slicers today due to its stainless steel and cast aluminum construction. To prove efficient slicing, tilted carriage and cantilever design permit direct delivery of sliced items to a large tray. Additionally, to ensure safety, the food carriage automatically locks into the exact position to prevent access to the blade when we are not using the slicer.

This is the best meat slicer under $200. A powerful, cool-running, high torque 120W motor and a sharp serrated blade are incorporated to enable quick and effortless slicing. Other handy features comprise the slicer’s intermittent On and Off switch and convenient cord storage. The removable blade, food pusher, food carriage, and food deflector allow easy and quick cleaning.

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MONMART 200W Meat Slicer

MONMART 200W Meat Slicer

Features & Specs:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 9.92 lbs.
  • Dimension: 14.96 x 11.02 x 10.63 inch


  • 2 interchangeable blades
  • Adjustable thickness knob
  • Stainless steel tray to hold the food
  • Rustproof durable material


  • The tray for food is small

The 200W Monmart meat slicer has a powerful motor that instantly slices your food. You can slice your favorite foods like cheese, vegetables, and meat to prepare your burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Say goodbye to waiting and enjoy your food instantly with this electric meat slicer.

One of the best things about this home meat slicer is that it has 2 interchangeable 304 and 7.5-inch stainless steel blades to cut meat according to your needs. You can cut your raw and cooked food healthily without troubling the cross-infection of the raw and cooked food.

The Monmart meat slicer contains an adjustable thickness knob, allowing you to cut the slices with different thicknesses. The knob is perfect for cutting 1mm slices of your food. It comes with a stainless-steel tray that holds the slices perfectly after cutting. It makes cutting easier, cleaner, and hygienic.

Moreover, the premium quality of the Monmart meat slicer machine is not only durable but also rust-proof and easy to clean. The removable food carriage, blade, and pusher make cleaning easy. It will be a perfect addition to your kitchen top with a sleek and compact design. The non-sliding suction cups give it a solid grip on the surface, and the food pusher and on-off switch add safety while using this meat slicer.

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Berkel Home Line 250

Best mini electric food slicer

Berkel Home Line 250 Food Slicer
Berkel Home Line 250


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 33 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 22×13.5×12.5 Inches


  • Adjustable cutting thickness gauge
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Incorporated food-grade aluminum food cover
  • Space for collection of food scraps


  • Costly
  • Wobbles when the machine is in use

The Berkel Home Line 250 is the best professional meat cutter; its incorporated stainless-steel blade is carved to cut thin and even slices without producing much waste. In addition, the incorporated sharpener enhances blade efficiency, and the aluminum alloy construction offers sturdiness. To suit every recipe, you are free to adjust the thickness of the slices.

The 45-degree feed tray and ergonomic push handle ensure minimum strain is applied to your arm. This unit is relatively easy to maintain and clean.

The Berkel Home Line 250 has a built-in removable blade cover, slice deflector, and meat table to perform quick and accurate cleaning operations. The professional push buttons with LED indicators allow ease of use. All the parts are dishwasher-safe.

So, if you want an ideal meat slicer with a compact design that can be fitted in a small space and needs less maintenance to slice a chunk of meat, then the Berkel Home Line 250 is an ideal choice for you. This model is worth every penny spent on it.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Meat Slicer

To get better perspectives, you should be aware of the built-in features that the best meat slicer entails. I have listed all the features while searching for any meat-slicing machine to add it to your kitchen appliances. Stick with us to go through all.

Type of Meat Slicer

Three types of food slicers are currently available in the market; the choice is entirely subjective.

1. Manual

With manual meat slicer, you can perform every task manually, like slicing the lean meat, moving the carriage, or food. And, if you want to use them for a large serving, they aren’t practical. The Axis AX-VOL12 is the best manual meat slicer available today.

2. Semi-automatic

The semi-automatic meat slicers are generally operated manually, but you can switch them to electric per your needs. The motor spins the blade, but you need to run food through while operating these slicers. If you want to take more control of the slices, you can adjust the carriage speed, slicer thickness, and stroke length to accommodate different product sizes and let the slicer do the slicing job.

3. Automatic:

The automatic meat slicers are generally known as electric meat slicers, and they make up almost all the food you will come across in the market. They are affordable and easy to use. They suit you best for heavy-duty tasks and burden you less.

Speed and power

The slicing speed of electric meat slicers depends on the motor power. The higher the motor power the more efficient meat slicing. If you aim to do a lot of slicing at once, try to grab the meat or food slicer with a motor power above 200Watts.


Size of the meat slicer is the most crucial factor limiting your choice due to their dimensions. What size would suit you best depends on the available space in your kitchen. While choosing the machine size, don’t forget to keep in mind the blade size, as the slicer blade and carriage directly impact the functionality. So, consider the size of the slicer and the incorporated blade for better results.


The meat slicers are equipped with sharp blades, so safety is the primary concern. The meat slicer with removable blades is quite easy to clean and safe to use. Additionally, try to find a food slicer with non-slippery solid feet to ensure that the slicer stays firm during extensive use. Moreover, the protective blade guard also highly reduces the risk of accidental cutting. The safety lock stops the blade from spinning when the slicer is not in use.

Ease of Cleaning

Ease of clean is essential in keeping your meat slicer efficient and long-lasting. So, you should consider the cleaning factor while making a purchase. For this, see the number of removable parts; the one with more removable parts will assist in easy cleaning. Plus, if the parts are dishwasher safe, you may find cleaning quite easy and time-saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best meat slicer for home use?

To cut back efforts, if you are tired of spending money on packaged deli meats, don’t worry; a meat slicer in your home can make your job easy. Now you can instantly cut the meat, cheese, vegetables, or other such material at home. You should consider the meat slicer’s size and blade strength to fit your home-based needs. You may purchase Chef’s Choice Premium Food Slicer, Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer, or KWS MS-10NT Electric Meat Slicer.

What type of blade is best for a meat slicer?

You may choose two types of blades while selecting a meat slicer, smooth-edged or serrated blades. Serrated blades have teeth along the blade structure, while smooth blades have fine edges. Smooth blades are good for cutting less fibrous food, and they can produce messy results during tougher slicing. While serrated blades are excellent for cutting various meat, vegetables, bread, and cheese, this blade type is most abundant in meat slicers. 

What is the best hand-crank meat slicer?

Hand crank meat slicers are widely known as manual meat slicers, and they are not very popular these days, but you may find some in the market. Some best ones are the Tenta Meat Grinder, Befan manual meat slicer, and Gorgeous Jerky Maker slicer.

What is the best stainless meat slicer to cut raw meat into steaks?

A meat slicer with an adjustable thickness range allows you to get steaks of different sizes. Many meat slicers are available in the market with a built-in gauge to change the blade thickness, and they suit best to cut the meat into variable steaks. Some such are Chefman Die-cast Electric Slicer, Continental Electric Meat Slicer, or VEVOR Deli Meat Slicer.

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